5 Bench Press Variations for Building Brute Strength Off Your Chest

Any experienced lifter will tell you the importance of developing your technique. Masterful technique will not only allow you to lift more weight, it will allow you to safely lift more weight.

If your goal is a big bench, spend time honing your competition bench. Next, identify and attack your weaknesses.

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link.”

If you’re a raw lifter, you need to build ton of strength in the bottom end  (right off or a couple inches from your chest) of the bench press.

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Advanced Deadlift Tip for Increasing Speed/Strength Off the Floor

This tip is for more advanced/experienced strength sport athletes looking to lift the heaviest weights possible.

It’s been the most impactful change I’ve made to my deadlift in the past few years.

Rather than pre-loading the bar via pulling the slack out and getting extremely tight to the bar — get a tight brace, tight grip, long arms and pull your hips into the best “jumping” position.

Find your most powerful/strongest starting position — not necessarily the position where you feel tightest and the most tension to the bar.

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5 Simple Cues You Need to Know for a Bigger Deadlift

Great deadlifters can make lifting even the heaviest weights look easy.

It takes these lifters years of practice to gain mastery and perfect their deadlift technique.

Experienced lifters have listened to hundreds of cues trying to perfect their form.

Often the right string of word creates a remarkable connection between your mind and body, allowing you to perform a movement seamlessly.

However, the same cues aren’t always going to connect and make sense to everyone.

In this article, I’ve outlined 5 cues. They’ve connected with me and many of my clients.

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